Research Group "Institution Building across Borders"



Kristen Hopewell

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of British Columbia
Stay: January-July 2013


Carolyn Biltoft (Postdoc)

Assistant Professor of Global History, Georgia State University
Stay: October 2012-July 2013


Matias Margulis (Postdoc)

Assistant Professor of International Relations
Stay: October 2012- July 2013


Melanie Kryst

Doctoral Student at the Marburg University
Stay: October 2012


Amy Quark (Postdoc)

Assistant Professor of Sociology, College William and Mary
Stay: October 2010-July 2011


Paul Fehlinger

MA-Student Sciences Po Paris
Stay: January-March 2011


Tim Bartley

Associate Professor, Indiana University
Stay: Januar-Februar 2011


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