Economic Patriotism

Research Group


Workshop I

February 13-14, 2008 | Warwick
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Workshop II

September 11-12, 2008 | Paris
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Workshop III

June 18-19, 2009 | Paris
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Upcoming Presentations or Panels

16-18 July 2009
21st Annual SASE Conference, Paris

Network E: Industrial Relations and Political Economy, organized by Sabina Avdagic and Lucio Baccaro
Panel "Economic Patriotism: The Limits of the European Market Project"
Organizer: Helen Callaghan (MPIfG) | Discussant: Mark Blyth (Johns Hopkins University)

The Clash of Political and Economic Boundaries
Ben Clift (University of Warwick), Cornelia Woll (Sciences Po)

Pride and Prejudice? Motives for Economic Patriotism in the Market for Corporate Control
Helen Callaghan (MPIfG)

Everyday Politics and Quasi-Public Institutions in the International Financial Order
Leonard Seabrooke (University of Warwick)

From Nationalism to European Patriotism? British and German Trade Union Politics at Ford and General Motors
Thomas Fetzer (Central European University)


10-12 September 2009
5th ECPR General Conference, Potsdam

Section 35: Political Economy - Shifting Boundaries between the Economic and the Political, organized by Waltraud Schelke
Panel 183 "Economic Patriotism: The Limits of the European Market Project"
Organizer: Helen Callaghan (MPIfG)


French Economic Patriotism: Legislative, Regulatory, and Discursive Dimensions
Ben Clift (University of Warwick)

Markets for Sale: Obstacles to an Industrial Policy for Europe’s Stock Exchanges
Helen Callaghan (MPIfG), Paul Lagneau-Ymonet (IRISES)

Economic Preferences and Electoral Systems: The Electoral Politics of Economic Patriotism
Despina Alexiadou (University of Pittsburgh)



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