January 2012 Workshop: Final Program [Download]


Thursday, January 19
6:30 pm Welcome Dinner at Toscanini, Jacobstr. 22

Friday, January 20


Potential Uses and Abuses of Evolutionary Theory in the Study of Institutional Change

 Papers be discussed:


Henry Farrell and Cosma Shalizi: Evolutionary Theory and the Dynamics of Institutional Change


Ian S. Lustick: Taking Evolution Seriously


Sven Steinmo and Orion Lewis: Evolutionary Theory and Institutional Analysis


Wolfgang Streeck: A Note on Evolution



9:15 am Welcome


9:25 am  Comments by the discussants:

Renate Mayntz

Geoffrey Hodgson

Sandra Mitchell

Stephan Müller


11:15 am Coffee break


11:30 am Open debate, round 1


  1:00 pm  Lunch


  2:30 pm  Response by the authors:

Henry Farrell

Ian Lustick

Sven Steinmo

Wolfgang Streeck


   4:15 pm Coffee break 


   4:30 pm Open debate, round 2 


   5:45 pm Concluding remarks


  7:00  pm Workshop Dinner at Zum Alten Brauhaus, Severinstr. 51


Saturday, January 21


Recent Papers on Institutional Change


9:15  Comments by Helen Callaghan, followed by open discussion, on

 Bruce Carruthers: Institutional Dynamics: When is Change "Real Change"?


10:15 Coffee break


Comments by Adam Sheingate, followed by open discussion, on

 Ulrich Dolata: Technological Innovations and Sectoral Change


Comments by Jim Mahoney, followed by open discussion, on

Alfio Cerami: Social Mechanisms in the Establishment of the European Economic and Monetary Union


12:30 Lunch

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