Cynthia Lehmann

Member | MPIfG Editorial and Public Relations Unit  
Cynthia Lehmann  
Editing and Public Relations Unit  
Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies  
Paulstr. 3 | 50676 Cologne | Germany |  
Tel. +49 221 2767-134 | Fax +49 221 2767-430

I am a native speaker from the United States, and I am fluent in German.  
Contact me about  
language editing | translating German to English | preparing reports for MPIfG advisory board | researchers' online profiles  
What does the Editorial and Public Relations Unit do?  
MPIfG publications | MPIfG website | informs the public about the MPIfG | develops and maintains media relations | corporate design  
The coordinator of the group is Christel Schommertz.

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