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Project Area
Sociology of Markets


Introduction to "Sociology of Markets"
Jens Beckert


How Are Markets Possible?
Jens Beckert

The Future in Economic Action

Fictionality and Capitalist Dynamics
Jens Beckert
Uncertain Futures: Imaginaries, Narratives, and Calculation in the Economy
Jens Beckert and Richard Bronk (London School of Economics and Political Science)
How to Study the Future
Jens Beckert and Lisa Suckert
Asset-Manager Capitalism and Patient Capital
Benjamin Braun
The Politics of Deindustrialization
Timur Ergen
Brexit: Futures Drifting Apart
Lisa Suckert
Imagining the Future in the Face of Crisis
Lisa Suckert

The Emergence of Markets

Monetary Incentives in the Dutch Education System
Guus Dix
The Emergence of the Life Sciences Field
Jacob Habinek

Illegal Markets

The Structure of Illegal Markets
Jens Beckert and Renate Mayntz
Financial Elites on Trial
Thomas Angeletti
Illegal Markets under Crisis Conditions
Matías Dewey

Wealth and Social Inequality

Forbes 400: The Super Rich in the United States
Jens Beckert, Philipp Korom, and Mark Lutter
Inheritance Taxation
Jens Beckert with Lukas Arndt


Project Area
Political Economy of Growth Models


Introduction to "Political Economy of Growth Models"
Lucio Baccaro
The Political Economy of Growth Models
Lucio Baccaro


Project Area
Research Group on the Political Economy of European Integration


Introduction to "Political Economy of European Integration"
Martin Höpner
The Dynamics of "Integration through Law"
Martin Höpner
Wage Setting in the Eurozone
Martin Höpner
Unions, Public Employers, and the EMU
Donato Di Carlo (doctoral project)
The Politics of Budgetary Constraints
Andreas Eisl (doctoral project)
The Political Economy of European Capital Markets Union
Marina Hübner (doctoral project)
Market Societies in Central and Eastern Europe
Martin Mendelski
Crisis Resolution in European Economic Integration
Alexander Spielau


Project Area
Research Group on the Transnational Diffusion of Innovation


Introduction to "Transnational Diffusion of Innovation"
Mark Lutter
The Role of Legitimation in the Diffusion of Innovations
Mark Lutter
"Winner-Take-All" Markets in the Creative Industries
Mark Lutter
The Werther Effect of Celebrity Suicides
Mark Lutter and Karlijn Roex
The Impact of the Economy on Suicide
Karlijn Roex (doctoral project)
The Organizational Ecology of Consecrated Life
Nico Sonntag (doctoral project)


Project Area
Research Group on the Economization of the Social and the History of Complexity


Introduction to "The Economization of the Social"
Ariane Leendertz
Social Complexity and Global Interdependence
Ariane Leendertz
Economies and Environments in the Long 1970s
Gregory Ferguson-Cradler
Reorganizing the Political: Business Consultants in the Public Sector
Alina Marktanner (doctoral project)
Transforming the Field of Work: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
Daniel Monninger (doctoral project)


Project Area
IMPRS-SPCE Doctoral Program: Dissertation Projects


Environmental Programs in Catholic Orders
Jiska Gojowczyk
The Formation of the Market for Bioplastics
Alexandra Hees
The Market for Egg Freezing
Dennis Mwaura
The Regulation of Paid Domestic Work
Virginia Kimey Pflücke
Economic Change and the Conflict on Tax Reforms
Inga Rademacher
Hosting Offshore Finance in the Netherlands
Arjan Reurink


Project Area
Emeriti Projects


Global Financial Regulatory Reform
Renate Mayntz
Normative Foundations and Limits of Political Legitimacy
Fritz W. Scharpf
The Crisis of Contemporary Capitalism
Wolfgang Streeck


Project Area
Further Projects


Institutions and Their Effects on Developmental Outcomes
Irina España


Project Area
Projects by Visiting Researchers


Political Responsiveness in the Context of Growing Inequality
Lea Elsässer (doctoral project)
The German Contribution to New Economic Sociology
John Wilkinson (Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Money Laundering and Legal Compliance
Craig Zabala

The MPIfG considers international cooperation to be the most promising organizational form of comparative research. Many visiting researchers make valuable contributions to its research program.
The MPIfG is part of a worldwide network of research institutions and researchers working in the social sciences. It cooperates closely with several research institutes abroad.


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