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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

The Privatization of State Property: The Transnational Making of a Market-Based Policy and Its Implementation in France

Marie Piganiol

In France, as in many European countries, the state privatizes public lands and real estate in order to raise revenue and pay off public debt. The development of this market-based policy raises fundamental questions about contemporary state restructuring: Why have states started to privatize public lands and goods when they have fought to centralize them for centuries? Why are they making market mechanisms prevail over social and political regulation now when they resisted land and housing marketization throughout the twentieth century? Combining a transnational and a micro perspective, this research focuses on the emergence and circulation of the policy reformers and the development of their professional expertise around Europe and within French state organizations. Building on political sociology and economic sociology, the objective of the project is to develop an empirical-analytical account of this policy and to explore its political outcomes. Project duration: October 2017 to September 2019.
Piganiol, M., 2017. "Le prix du compromis politique: Quand les politiques du logement et de la dette s’affrontent dans le marché foncier." Revue française de sociologie 58 (2), 267-293.
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