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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

Global-Local Interaction in Cross-Border Governance

Sigrid Quack and Olga Malets, Technische Universität München

Transnational institutional development, by definition, involves interaction between a diverse range of actors who are situated in local as well as global fields of action. This project addresses how different types of global-local interaction, such as trickle-down and trickle-up effects or recursive feedback, shape governance trajectories. The aim is to develop a theoretical framework to synthesize results from the research groups' longitudinal and multi-level analyses in different governance fields. These fields include: accounting standards, copyright and patent regulation, forest certification, conservation rules, labor standards, and microfinance. Empirical studies of these fields are to be published in an edited volume. Project duration: April 2012 to July 2014.
Malets, Olga, 2011: From Transnational Voluntary Standards to Local Practices: A Case Study of Forest Certification in Russia. MPIfG Discussion Paper 11/7. Cologne: Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies.
Malets, Olga/Sigrid Quack, 2014: Projecting the Local into the Global: Trajectories of Participation in Transnational Standard-setting. In: Gili Drori/Markus Höllerer/Markus and Peter Walgenbach (eds.), Global Themes and Local Variations in Organization and Management. Perspectives on Glocalization. London: Routledge, 325-338.
Malets, Olga, 2013: The Translation of Transnational Voluntary Standards into Practices: Civil Society and the Forest Stewardship Council in Russia. In: Journal of Civil Society 9(3), 300-324.
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