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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

Normative Foundations and Limits of Political Legitimacy in the Multilevel European Polity

Fritz W. Scharpf

The book project will re-examine the (republican and liberal) normative foundations of constitutional democracies and show how they relate to the institutional and political conditions existing in the multilevel European polity. The aim is to provide a critical perspective on present debates about a political legitimacy that is normatively grounded in the Western tradition of political philosophy and at the same time realistic.
Scharpf, Fritz W. 2009. "Legitimacy in the Multilevel European Polity." European Political Science Review1 (2): 173-204.
Scharpf, Fritz W.. 2010. Community and Autonomy: Institutions, Policies and Legitimacy in Multilevel Europe. Frankfurt a.M.: Campus.
Scharpf, Fritz W. 2010. "The Asymmetry of European Integration - Or: Why the EU Cannot Be a Social Market Economy." Socio-Economic Review 8 (2): 1-40.
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