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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

Introduction to "Institution Building across Borders"

Sigrid Quack

The interaction of national and global organizing structures is increasingly affecting the coordination of economic, social, and political activity in modern economies. This raises questions about the preconditions, processes, and mechanisms of institution building across borders, beyond national and supranational statehood. This research group is examining both the participation of non-state and state actors and the interaction of intended and emerging institution building in the transnational realm in order to contribute to the development of sociological theory on global organizing structures. Projects are located at the interface between economic sociology, organizational theory, and international relations with a strong emphasis on the links between rule-setting and law-making and close ties to the field of law and society. In terms of substance, research aims at a longitudinal comparative analysis of the emergence and development of cross-border institutions, concentrating on exemplary fields of transnational economic governance and their effects on national institutional change in selected countries. Specifically, projects investigate such issues as international financial reporting, transnational communities, developments in copyright law, international labor standards, and transnational standards in environmental and labor policy.

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