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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

How Are Markets Possible?

Jens Beckert

The articles in this project aim to develop the conceptional foundations within the sociology of markets. They start from the problem of uncertainty in market exchange and then systematically analyze the preconditions of order in markets. The articles focus on the constitution of economic value, the structuring of competition, and solutions to cooperation problems in market exchange. These issues are developed from the perspective of action theory and are discussed in relation to the existing literature in economics and sociology. Project duration: October 2006 to December 2020.
Beckert, Jens. 2009. "The Social Order of Markets." Theory and Society 38 (3): 245-269.
Beckert, Jens. 2010. "How Do Fields Change? The Interrelations of Institutions, Networks, and Cognition in the Dynamics of Markets." Organization Studies 31 (5): 605-627.
Beckert, Jens. 2011. "Where Do Prices Come From? Sociological Approaches to Price Formation." Socio-Economic Review 9 (4), 757-786.
Beckert, Jens, and Christine Musselin, eds.). 2013. Constructing Quality: The Classification of Goods in Markets. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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