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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

Globalization and Governance at National and International Levels

Renate Mayntz

Political steering research has long concentrated on Western nation-states. While increasing Europeanization and globalization have changed the conditions under which nation-states achieve policy goals, new international and transnational regulatory structures have emerged. In the course of this development, the paradigm of political steering has been successively replaced by the concept of governance - i.e. the cooperative coexistence of hierarchical and non-hierarchical forms of regulation, and of state and non-state actors. The questions posed by this shift were first addressed in three empirically oriented subprojects, each examining a different issue. They have all fed into a larger theoretical investigation, "From Political Steering to Governance." The first subproject, "Change in Government’s Capacity to Perform," systematically analyzed secondary literature. The second dealt with the governance structures of three economic sectors with different degrees of internationalization: tourism, telecommunication, and pharmaceuticals. The third looked at changes in the governance of large technical systems. The results of all three projects were published in early 2009 in a collection of essays on steering and governance. In 2009, a network comprising twenty-two social scientists from six different countries was formed to examine the changes in financial market regulation that occurred as a response to the financial crisis. The findings were published in early 2012. Ongoing research is looking at the effects that sovereign debt and the euro crisis are having on the reform of financial market regulation. Of special interest is the interplay among national, European and international regulators (workshop on the multilevel dynamic of financial market regulation in December 2013).
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Mayntz, Renate, 2009: Über Governance: Institutionen und Prozesse politischer Regelung. Frankfurt a.M.: Campus.
Mayntz, Renate (ed.), 2012: Crisis and Control: Institutional Change in Financial Market Regulation. Frankfurt a.M.: Campus.
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