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MPIfG Postdoctoral Fellowships

The MPIfG offers up to four postdoctoral fellowships each year. They are awarded for one year, usually beginning on October 1. Particularly promising projects can be extended for one additional year with the directors' approval.
Scholars of all nationalities whose research relates to the substantive concerns of the institute's research program and whose PhDs have been completed less than three years before the fellowship would begin are eligible for MPIfG Postdoctoral Fellowships. Applicants must hold their doctoral degree or be scheduled to receive it before the fellowship begins. Young researchers who have completed their dissertation and hold appointments as assistant professors, "wissenschaftliche Assistenten" or "Juniorprofessoren" are encouraged to apply if they can get a leave from their university positions.

Stipends are based on the fellowship guidelines of the Max Planck Society. They are not subject to income tax or social security contributions.
Selection Criteria

Awards are made on the basis of scholarly excellence and a research proposal outlining a project to be pursued at the MPIfG. The Max Planck Society is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to improving opportunities for women in science.

Application Schedule

As of November 1 Applications are accepted for fellowships starting in October of the following year
January 31 Application deadline
April Award notification
October 1 Beginning of the fellowship

The MPIfG considers international cooperation to be the most promising organizational form of comparative research. Many visiting researchers make valuable contributions to its research program.
The MPIfG is part of a worldwide network of research institutions and researchers working in the social sciences. It cooperates closely with several research institutes abroad.

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