Visiting Researchers at the MPIfG


William Callison

Home institution: University of California, Berkeley, CA
Research topic: Political deficits: Neoliberalism, critical theory and transformations of economic rationality
At the MPIfG: April 1, 2019–July 31, 2019

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Davide Carpano

Home institution: University of California, San Diego, CA
Research topic: The adoption of free and open source software by major technology firms
At the MPIfG: April 1, 2019–July 15, 2019

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Prof. Dr. Edward Fischer

Home institution: Center for Latin American Studies, Vanderbilt College of Arts and Science, Nashville, TN
Research topic: Coffee, theory of values and capital accumulation in the late capitalist era
At the MPIfG: February 24, 2019–March 24, 2019

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Dr. Moisés Kopper

Home institution: Center for Metropolitan Studies (Centro de Estudos da Metrópole), University of São Paulo, Brazil
Research topic:  Architectures of Hope: Citizenship, Consumption, and the Infrastructures of Class Mobility in Brazil’s Public Housing Policy
At the MPIfG: November 2, 2017–October 31, 2019

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Dr. Baozhen Luo

Home institution: College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Western Washington University, WA
Research topic: The China model of political economy and long-term care policy development
At the MPIfG: January 2, 2019–March 15, 2019

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Prof. Dr. Ashoka Mody

Home institution: Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

At the MPIfG: January 27, 2019–February 1, 2019

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Dr. Gemma Scalise

Home institution: European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy
Research topic: Converging policy ideas, divergent local interpretations: The active inclusion strategy from a comparative perspective
At the MPIfG: April 1, 2019–June 30, 2019

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Prof. Dr. Kathleen Thelen

Home institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Political Science, Cambridge, MA
Research topic: Kathleen Thelen is Ford Professor of Political Science at MIT and an External Scientific Member of the MPIfG.
At the MPIfG: January 7, 2019–January 25, 2019

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The MPIfG considers international cooperation to be the most promising organizational form of comparative research. Many visiting researchers make valuable contributions to its research program.
The MPIfG is part of a worldwide network of research institutions and researchers working in the social sciences. It cooperates closely with several research institutes abroad.

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