Featured Research

Marcin Serafin
Why Do We Work as Long as We Work?
Taxi Drivers and Working Time as Topics of Sociological Analysis

MPIfG Jahrbuch 2017-2018 | September 2017 (English version)

Aldo Madariaga
The Puzzling Resilience of Neoliberalism
Capitalism, Democracy, and Development in Latin America
and Eastern Europe

MPIfG Jahrbuch 2017-2018 | September 2017 (English version)

Felipe González
Micro-Foundations of Financialization
Status Anxiety and Consumer Credit in Chile

MPIfG Jahrbuch 2017-2018 | September 2017 (English version)

Irina Rosa España Eljaiek
Informal Racial Exclusion and Local Socioeconomic Outcomes
The Colombian Case of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

MPIfG Jahrbuch 2017-2018 | September 2017 (English version)

Jens Beckert
How Fictional Expectations Drive the Dynamics of Economic Developments
Max Planck Society online | August 6, 2015

Jens Beckert, Matías Dewey, Nina Engwicht, Annette Hübschle
Transcript: Ralf Grötker
The Black Market as a Gray Zone
MaxPlanckResearch 1/2015 | January 2015

Mark Lutter
Careers for Women
Not Every Network Is a Guarantor of
Professional Success

Max Planck Society online | March 12, 2015

Wolfgang Streeck
Children, Work and Consumption
Why Demographics and Political Economy Are Inseparable

Max Planck Society online | March 10, 2015

Christian Tribowski
Children Are Not for Sale
Intercountry Adoption as a Field of Conflict: The Absence of Market Characteristics

Max Planck Society online | December 8, 2014

Philip Mader
Micro Loans
Failing by Installment

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2013 | December 2013

Tobias ten Brink
The Short March to Capitalism

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2011 | December 2011




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