Scholar in Residence at the MPIfG

Each year the MPIfG invites a distinguished scholar in the field of political science, economics or sociology to spend three to six months at the institute. Scholars in residence are known for their outstanding academic achievements and pursue a particular research project that coincides with the research conducted at the MPIfG.
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Francesco Boldizzoni Is Scholar in Residence 2013/2014


Francesco Boldizzoni will be the MPIfG Scholar in Residence for the 2013/2014 winter term. Francesco Boldizzoni holds a research professorship in economic history at the University of Turin. He is also a Life Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. He has mainly written on the history of economic life and its intellectual representations, advocating an interdisciplinary understanding of culture and the economy. His chief publications include "Means and Ends: The Idea of Capital in the West 1500–1970" (2008) and "The Poverty of Clio: Resurrecting Economic History" (2011). He is currently working on a book to be titled "Earthly Justice: A History of the Welfare State" (under contract with Polity) and on a transnational collection of essays on global economic history co-edited with Pat Hudson.

Selected Publications
  • The Italian Way to Seignorage: Public Finance, Personal Power and Inflation Shocks in the Po Valley between the 16th and 17th Centuries. Journal of European Economic History 33(3), 2004.
  • Davanzati e Hobbes: nascita e diffusione di un paradigma (XVI-XVIII secolo). Il pensiero economico italiano 13(1), 2005.
  • Means and Ends: The Idea of Capital in the West 1500-1970. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
  • The Poverty of Clio: Resurrecting Economic History. Princeton University Press, 2011.
  • The Domestication of the Economic Mind: A Response to the Critics. Economic History Research 9(2), 2013.
  • On History and Policy: Time in the Age of Neoliberalism. Journal of the Philosophy of History, forthcoming, 2014.


Scholar in Residence Lectures 2014 "The Making and Breaking of Welfare States"

In his lecture series Francesco Boldizzoni addresses the complex dynamics of modern welfare systems. He discusses the evolution of welfare systems as a product of cultural variables and material forces which are largely responsible for the sense of instability that dominates our societies. The lectures will be on January 29, February 5, and February 12, 2014.
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Past Scholars in Residence


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CNRS director of research at the Centre d'Études Européennes, Sciences Po, Paris.

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Professor of Sociology at the University of Tübingen

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Professor of Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University


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