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Recent Publications

Leendertz, Ariane
Towards a New Diplomatic History of Transatlantic Relations: America, Europe, and the Crises of the 1970s. In: Charlotte A. Lerg, Susanne Lachenicht, Michael Kimmage (ed.), The TransAtlantic Reconsidered: The Atlantic World in Crisis. Key Studies in Diplomacy. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018, 120–138.
Göçmen, İpek
Non-Public Welfare in Turkey: New and Old Forms of Religiously-Motivated Associations. In: Research and Policy on Turkey 3(2), 2018, 187–200.
Zabala, Craig Anthony, Jeremy Marc Josse
Shadow Credit in the Middle Market: The Decade After the Financial Collapse. In: Journal of Risk Finance, published online October 16, 2018.
Reurink, Arjan
Financial Fraud: A Literature Review. In: Journal of Economic Surveys, published online October 3, 2018.
Kiess, Johannes, Martin Seeliger (eds.)
Zwischen Institutionalisierung und Abwehrkampf: Internationale Gewerkschaftspolitik im Prozess der europäischen Integration. International Labour Studies, Volume 19. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, 2018.
Streeck, Wolfgang
Taking Back Control? The Future of Western Democratic Capitalism. In: Efil Journal of Economic Research 1(3), 2018, 30–47.
Seeliger, Martin
German Sociology on Capitalism, Inequality and Democracy: A Critical Review. In: Culture, Practice & Europeanization 3(2), 2018, 74–84.
Seeliger, Martin
Why Do Trade Unions Engage in Wage Coordination, Although it Does Not Work? Evidence from the German Metal Sector. In: Global Labour Journal 9(3), 2018, 303–318.






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