Jens Beckert receives the 2018 Karl Polanyi Prize

MPIfG director Jens Beckert has been awarded the Karl Polanyi Prize for 2018 by the Economic Sociology Section of the German Sociological Association (DGS). This distinction is for his book Imagined Futures: Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics (Harvard University Press, 2016). The Karl Polanyi Prize honors outstanding research in the field of economic sociology. The prize was awarded at a reception held by the Economic Sociology Section during the 39th congress of the German Sociological Association in Göttingen.



Panel discussion: Why is Europe not becoming more social?

The EU as a social project is back on the agenda since the agreement of the European Pillar of Social Rights at the EU Social Summit in Gothenburg last year. However, the great, visionary plan to achieve this is still lacking. Given the differences between the member states, how far can a social vision of the EU ever be fully realized? And does a social Europe demand something "more" of Europe? These questions and the expectations of a social Europe were discussed by Anke Hassel, director of the Institute of Economic and Social Research within the Hans Böckler Foundation, Martin Höpner, Research Group Leader at the MPIfG, and Peter Scherrer of the European Trade Union Confederation at an event held in the Cologne Central Library as part of Max Planck Day on September 14, 2018. You can listen to the whole panel discussion (in German) on the question of "A social Europe - vision or illusion?" in the MPIfG podcast series. Listen to the podcast (in German)



2018-09-13Marie Piganiol

Marie Piganiol wins 2018 RIODD-Vigeo Eiris Award

Marie Piganiol has received the 2018 RIODD-Vigeo Eiris Award for the best thesis in the field of environmental sustainability. The 1,500-euro award is conferred annually by the European sustainability rating agency Vigeo Eiris and the International Research Network on Organizations and Sustainable Development (RIODD). It will be presented in October during the 13th RIODD Congress at the Université Grenoble Alpes. Marie Piganiol earned her doctorate on "Reconnecting Districts: The Genesis and Production of a New Urban Model" at Sciences Po in Paris in 2017; she came to the MPIfG as a postdoctoral researcher in the same year and is currently researching the privatization of French state property in the Sociology of Markets project area.


2018-09-07Max Planck-Day in Cologne

The Max Planck festival of knowledge

September 14, 2018, is Max Planck Day. All over Germany people will have the opportunity to experience what goes on in the Max Planck Institutes in their city for themselves. The four Max Planck Institutes in Cologne will also be presenting their work and inviting people to meet the faces behind the research. A varied program of laboratory tours, workshops, talks, experiments, panel discussions, and cultural events will share the results of Max Planck researchers from the fields of the biology of aging, metabolism, and plant breeding research, as well as politics and the study of society. The MPIfG and the Cologne Public Library are hosting a panel discussion entitled "Ein soziales Europa - Vision oder Illusion?" in the Cologne City Library at 5 p.m. Martin Höpner, Research Group Leader at the MPIfG, Anke Hassel (Director of the WSI), and Peter Scherrer of the European Trade Union Conference will take part in a discussion on the social imbalance in Europe. Given the differences between the member states, how far can a social vision of the EU ever be fully realized? more on the panel discussion (in German)
press release (in German)



2018-08-20Research Magazine No. 1/18

Latest issue of MPIfG’s research magazine "Gesellschaftsforschung" out now

The lead article in the latest issue of the MPIfG research magazine "Gesellschaftsforschung" (1/2018) concerns the power of expectations and how capitalism invents the future. Jens Beckert and Richard Bronk address questions of how economic actors conceive images of the future and how such actors make decisions in the face of the uncertainty of future developments. The newsletter also profiles Ariane Leendertz, a "contemporary historian among sociologists" who has been leading a research group at the MPIfG since 2014. Her work focuses on scientific and social discourses from the 1960s, and the profile portrays how she actively engages in contemporary discourse. There is also an interview with Sigrid Quack and Karen Shire, IMPRS-SPCE faculty members, who argue for a sociology that goes beyond the nation state. In another article, Martin Mendelski puts forward an alternative view of the constitutional conflicts in Eastern Europe. The research magazine "Gesellschaftsforschung" is published in German twice a year and can be ordered free of charge as a printed edition or as a PDF newsletter by email. Research magazine (in German)
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Guadalupe Moreno is the new doctoral spokesperson

In July 2018, doctoral researchers from the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE) elected Guadalupe Moreno as their new spokesperson. Moreno shares the task with Laura Einhorn. Guadalupe Moreno has been a doctoral student at the IMPRS-SPCE since 2016.


2018-08-20Markus Burtscheidt

Markus Burtscheidt re-elected as Chair of MPG’s Central Works Council

Elections in June 2018 saw Markus Burtscheidt re-elected as Chair of the Central Works Council of the Max Planck Society (MPG). He represents 23,000 colleagues from a wide variety of professions and academic disciplines on organizational and research issues. Markus Burtscheidt has been Chair of the MPIfG’s Works Council for 16 years and was first elected to chair the Central Works Council in 2015.



Marius Müller completes his traineeship

Marius Müller has been a trainee in IT systems integration at the MPIfG since August 2015 and passed his final examination at the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in June 2018. In August 2018, Tobias Plutat joined MPIfG's Computing Group as new trainee in IT systems integration. The MPIfG has been vocational traineeships in in the fields of IT and office communications for more than 20 years. more on traineeship at the MPIfG




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