2015-03-25Cornelia Woll

Cornelia Woll Appointed to the Executive Committee of Sciences Po

In September 2015, Cornelia Woll will take up the position of Vice President for Studies and Academic Affairs at Sciences Po (Direction des études et de la scolarité). In doing so, she joins the four-strong Executive Committee. She will take responsibility for undergraduate and graduate studies at Sciences Po, overseeing the curricula of the college and the eight professional schools, their strategic development, admissions and examination procedures as well as student life of Sciences Po's 13,000 students. Cornelia Woll is Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po and Co-Director of the Max Planck Sciences Po Centers on Coping with Instability in Market Societies in Paris. more



2015-03-25Dominik Gross

Dominik Gross and Caspar Dohmen Are Journalists in Residence

Caspar Dohmen, a freelance business journalist from Berlin, and Dominik Gross, a Zurich-based freelance journalist, will be staying at the MPIfG in the spring and summer. As part of his Journalist in Residence Fellowship, Caspar Dohmen will focus on the effects that increasing automation and networking - referred to as Industry 4.0 - is having on society and the distribution of labor worldwide. Dominik Gross will examine whether the current loss of legitimation in European representative democracies also represents a crisis for the future of the political left. With its Journalist in Residence Fellowship, the MPIfG offers journalists stays at the institute of up to three months. The aim is to aid dialog between the social sciences and society, and to promote journalism on social and political issues. more (in German)




Legality and Illegality in Markets: International Conference at the MPIfG

Distinguishing between legal and illegal markets is not as easy as it might first appear. For example, when market activity is illegal but legitimate, the boundaries become unclear. The relationship between legality and illegality in markets was the topic of an interdisciplinary conference held in February 2015 at the MPIfG. Researchers from Europe, Africa and the USA discussed how legal and illegal market activities intersect, and looked at a range of different markets such as diamond production in Sierra Leone and western financial markets. The conference was organized by Jens Beckert and Matías Dewey. The topic of "Illegal Markets" is currently being examined in five different research projects at the MPIfG. conference website
project area "Illegal Markets"
more projects on illegal markets




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