2019-07-10Armin Schäfer

Armin Schäfer is Scholar in Residence 2019

Armin Schäfer, Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Münster, will be joining the MPIfG from September 2019 as Scholar in Residence. During his six-month stay in Cologne, Armin Schäfer will be offering a series of lectures on the theme of “In Defense of Democracy.” They will focus on explanatory models for the current crisis of democracy and whether the success of populist parties should be met with less or more and better democracy. The lectures will be held at the MPIfG on November 19 and 26 and December 2, 2019. Every year, the MPIfG invites a leading researcher from political science, economics, or the social sciences to spend three to six months at the Institute. Scholars in Residence work on a research project that is thematically related to the research of the MPIfG. more




Jens Beckert is Theodor Heuss Professor at The New School

Jens Beckert has been appointed Theodor Heuss Professor at The New School in New York for the 2019/2020 academic year. The Heuss Chair was established 50 years ago with funds from the Federal Republic of Germany and is awarded every year to a German scholar from the fields of history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, or economics. Previous Heuss Professors have included Niklas Luhmann, Jürgen Habermas, Renate Mayntz, Claus Offe, Axel Honneth, and Wolfgang Streeck. The New School in Manhattan was founded in 1919 and in the thirties and forties became the “University in Exile” for a number of important German Jewish scholars who had fled to the USA from the NS regime. The sociologist Jens Beckert has been a Director at the MPIfG since 2005; in 2018 he was awarded the Leibniz Prize of the German Research Foundation (DFG).


2019-07-10Marie Piganiol

Marie Piganiol to become Assistant Professor at Université Paris-Dauphine

Marie Piganiol will take up a post from September 2019 as Assistant Professor (maître de conférence) at the Institut de recherche interdisciplinaire en sciences sociales at Université Paris-Dauphine (IRISSO). Among her main research interests will be urban sociology, urban policy, and urban markets. IRISSO is a joint research institute of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Université Paris-Dauphine in the disciplines of sociology, political science, and economics. Marie Piganiol was a postdoctoral researcher in the Sociology of Markets project area at the MPIfG from 2017 to 2019.



PhD seminar in Paris: States, Sectors, Firms, Growth

In May 2019, fifteen early career researchers met for a three-day doctoral seminar at MaxPo, the joint Sciences Po and MPIfG research center in Paris. The seminar, which was organized by Lucio Baccaro and Olivier Godechot, focused on current developments in economic sociology and political economy and on the question of intensifying exchange between the two disciplines. The keynotes were given by Silja Häusermann (University of Zurich) on the transformation of party competition, Jonas Pontusson (University of Geneva) and Lucio Baccaro on the political economy of growth models, and Nathan Wilmers (MIT) on earnings inequality. For the doctoral students of the IMPRS-SPCE, the seminar was an opportunity to present and receive feedback on their work.


2019-06-25Marina Hübner

MPIfG at Cologne “Europa” theme weeks

In the run-up to the 2019 European elections, the Cologne Science Forum (KWR) held its “Europa” theme weeks in the city in April and May. MPIfG researchers presented their current research to a broad local public at the events. In her talk, “Leave or Remain? Lessons From the Brexit Campaigns,” in the VHS Studienhaus, Lisa Suckert explored economic and political visions and horror scenarios on both sides of the Brexit campaign. With the political scientist Birgit Bujard and journalist Grahame Lucas she then talked about the causes of Brexit and the future relationship between the UK and the EU. In “Shaping the Future – Developing Europe,” held at the GESIS Leibniz Institute, Marina Hübner spoke about the lack of political legitimacy of the Eurogroup. She went on to discuss perspectives for the future and the EU’s capacity for democracy with scholars from the University of Cologne, the Cologne Business School, GESIS, and the 70 attendees.



Workshop on “Ecology of the Financial System”

The third international workshop of the DFG-funded “Politics of Money” network was held at the MPIfG in May 2019 on the role of the financial sector in contemporary capitalism. The meeting was organized by Benjamin Braun (MPIfG) and Kai Koddenbrock (Witten/Herdecke University) and set out to analyze the main financial actors, their business models, and their relationships. Eighteen researchers from six countries presented their current research during the event. In his keynote lecture, “Macroeconomics as Accounting plus History,” the US economist Joshua William Mason (City University of New York) criticized the one-sided focus in economics on abstract models and spoke in favor of macroeconomic approaches that connect history and accounting. conference website
"Politics of Money" network



2019-06-04Lisa Suckert

Workshop exploring interaction between crises and future expectations

What is the relationship between crises and future expectations, both as empirical phenomena and as theoretical concepts? This was the question researchers fromSciences Po, Paris, the Max Planck Partner Group for the Sociology of Economic Life, Warsaw, and the MPIfG discussed during their trilateral workshop "Crisis of Expectation – Expectation of Crisis" in Cologne in April. Twelve lectures explored how expectations and future perspectives change as a result of crises or are actively changed by actors, to what extent crises are instrumentalized in the struggle for political visions of the future, and how experience of crises impacts on financial expectations and attitudes to money. In their keynote lectures, Ekaterina Svetlova (University of Leicester) and Will Atkinson (University of Bristol) reflected on the topic in the context of Brexit.



New guests in summer 2019

Five visiting researchers are beginning their work at the MPIfG between May and July of this year. William Callison, a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley, is working on his dissertation, “Political Deficits: Neoliberalism, Critical Theory and Transformations of Economic Rationality.” Shi-Rong Lee, who is a doctoral student at the MaxPo Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies, Paris, is interested in the financialization of East-Asian economies. From July, Francesco Findeisen, also a doctoral student at MaxPo, will be working in Cologne on the topic of investing in metropolitan infrastructure within reconfiguring policy states. Liam Byrne, University of Melbourne, is interested in the future of social democracy and studies social democratic economic alternatives in Germany, Britain, and Australia. And Martin Ruef, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Trinity College of Arts and Sciences of Duke University, is working on economic achievement and constraint under conditions of microsegregation.



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