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Barbara Fulda Awarded Roman Herzog Research Prize

MPIfG alumna Barbara Fulda has been awarded second place in the Roman Herzog awards [Roman-Herzog-Forschungspreis] for her dissertation analyzing the influence of regional social milieu on Germany's birth rates. The prize is worth €10,000. The Roman Herzog research awards recognize outstanding work by young researchers studying social market economies. Barbara Fulda was a doctoral student from 2010 to 2014 at the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE) and is now project manager and data analyst for the international project "Life Course and Family Dynamics in a Comparative Perspective" at the Technische Universität Chemnitz. more (in German)




Wolfgang Streeck Elected as a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy

At its Annual General Meeting in July 2016, the Council of the British Academy elected Wolfgang Streeck as a Corresponding Fellow - the highest honor the Academy can award to a non-British scholar. As a Corresponding Fellow, Streeck will contribute to research carried out by the Academy. The British Academy for the Promotion of Historical, Philosophical and Philological Studies is the UK's national academy for the humanities. more




New Perspectives on Cultural Transformations between 1965 and 1985

The conference "Losing Social Control: New Perspectives on Cultural Transformations between 1965 and 1985" took place at the MPIfG from June 30 to July 1. It focused on a period that is increasingly being seen by historians as key in the twentieth century. Presentations addressed the dynamics from feelings of a loss of control over the social and of attempts to regain it especially in reference to developments from around 1968. The discussions confirmed the benefits of such an approach, also from a comparative perspective. The conference was jointly organized by Martin Geyer (University of Munich) and Ariane Leendertz.



SASE Conference 2016: First Alumni Reception by the MPIfG

For the first time, the MPIfG, together with the Society of Friends and Former Associates of the MPIfG, held a reception on June 24 at this year's Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) conference at the University of California in Berkeley. Around 30 current and former MPIfG researchers met in an informal setting on the first evening of the annual conference to talk and get to know each other. The alumni welcomed the idea to hold meetings with former associates also at locations other than the Institute in Cologne. Through a network of scholars, the MPIfG wishes to promote lively discourse on its research topics. The Institute was also present at the conference with a stand displaying publications and other information.



Opening of the Photo Exhibit "Lost between Borders"

On July 15, 2016, the photo exhibit "Lost between Borders" was opened at the MPIfG. The students Hannah Pool and Felix Volkmar accompanied refugees, listened to their stories, and used photographs to document their flight through Greece to Germany. The images portray refugees, reveal conditions along the refugee route, and tell the stories of people who for various reasons choose to undertake the difficult and hazardous journey. The exhibition is open until August 11, 2016. Entrance is free of charge but please register beforehand. more (in German)




"Imagined Futures": New Book from Jens Beckert

In his new book Imagined Futures: Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics, Jens Beckert examines how capitalist growth and crises are driven by imaginations of the future. With this research, Beckert provides an innovative contribution to capitalist theory in which he shows how fictional expectations generate dynamics within economies or - when expectations fail to materialize - how they can tip societies into crisis. Beckert launched his book to a positive reception on June 25 at the Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) in an Author Meets Critics. A well-visited book presentation also took place on July 13 at the MPIfG in Cologne.



Margarete Wybranietz Completes Training

Margarete Wybranietz has been a trainee in office communications at the MPIfG since August 2013. In June 2016, she passed her final examination at the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). From August 2016, Marin Baban begins his training in office communications. The MPIfG has been offering traineeships in office communications and IT systems integration and software applications for over 10 years. more (in German)




New Researchers at the MPIfG

Lisa Suckert, formerly from the University of Bamberg, has been a researcher at the MPIfG since February 2016. She is investigating expectations in economic activity.  
In the spring and summer, seven visiting researchers began their work at the MPIfG. Tracy Corley from the Northeastern University, Boston, is visiting the MPIfG from July to September investigating the effects of European and national reforms on social constructs of legitimate and informal employment in Germany. Achim Goerres, University of Duisburg-Essen, is at the MPIfG from April to September and examining conflicts and solidarity between generations in ageing welfare states. Annette Hübschle-Finch, University of Cape Town, is visiting the MPIfG from June to July. She is analyzing the illegal trade in wild animals, incentive structures, and market drivers. During his stay in July, Sebastian Kohl, Uppsala University, is continuing his research into public ownership, renting and society from a comparative historical perspective. May Zuleika Salao, University of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines, is at the MPIfG from May to July examining institutional developments in vocational training in the Philippine's labor market. Melchior Simioni, Université Paris-Sorbonne, is at the MPIfG from April to September 2016 as a visiting doctoral student working on the economic sociology of borders and borders of the economy. Craig Zabala, Concorde Group, New York, has been a visitor at the MPIfG since July looking into the global shadow banking sector.



Doctorates at the IMPRS-SPCE in Summer 2016

On July 14, 2016, the MPIfG held an award ceremony for this year's doctoral graduates from the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE). A total of eight doctoral students successfully defended their dissertations in the 2015/2016 academic year: Irina España on racial exclusion and regional development in Colombia; Annina Hering on uncertainties in the labor market and their effects on fertility behavior in Germany; Annette Hübschle-Finch on the illegal trade in rhinoceros horns; Lisa Kastner on the role of non-state actors in financial regulatory reform in the EU and US; Filippo Reale on the political economy of sociotechnical change and Alexander Spielau on the political economy of exchange rate adjustments. The IMPRS-SPCE is a joint international PhD Program offered by the MPIfG and the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne.



Marcin Serafin Awarded 2016 Otto Hahn Medal

Marcin Serafin has received the Otto Hahn Medal from the Max Planck Society for his dissertation The Temporal Structures of the Economy: The Working Day of Taxi Drivers in Warsaw. The dissertation examines the issue of how economic success is influenced by different social processes. Serafin demonstrates that to truly understand economic processes also requires research into social contexts. The medal comes with a monetary award of 7,500 euros and is intended to motivate especially gifted young researchers to pursue careers in research or higher education. The prize was awarded during the Annual Meeting of the Max Planck Society. Marcin Serafin was a doctoral student at the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE) from 2011 to 2015 and is now a postdoctoral researcher at the MPIfG. more




Fritz W. Scharpf Receives Juan Linz Prize

The International Political Science Association (IPSA) has awarded Fritz W. Scharpf the 2016 Juan Linz Prize. The USD 3,000 prize is awarded to prominent scholars engaged in comparative research on decentralization, multinational and multiethnic integration, and federalism. The award will be presented at the 24th IPSA World Congress on July 25, 2016 in Posen, Poland. Fritz W. Scharpf is director emeritus at the MPIfG. more




Jens Beckert Appointed to Editorial Board of "Managementforschung"

In June 2016, Jens Beckert was appointed to the editorial board of the German-language Managementforschung journal. The journal was founded in 1981 and serves as a discussion forum for new trends and topics in and around management. It sees itself as a transdisciplinary publication for corporate, organizational and network management issues. The journal is published by Peter Conrad, Jochen Koch and Jörg Sydow. more (in German)




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