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Visiting researchers in late summer 2017

In August and September, the MPIfG welcomes John Wilkinson of Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and Sebastián Martín from the University of Seville as visiting researchers at the Institute in Cologne. During his stay, John Wilkinson will address the new sociological observations of modern society as a capitalist society, which were initiated by the global financial crisis. Sebastián Martín will examine the impact of structural reforms in neoliberal society against the background of the current "great regression."



Politics for all? "Gesellschaftsforschung" Newsletter 1/2017 released

With the main focus of the new issue of Gesellschaftsforschung on "Politics for All?" Lea Elsässer and Armin Schäfer ask whether the preferences and wishes of active voters are taken into greater account than those of non-voters. The fact that companies break employment laws and violate human rights all around the world already drove the American sociologist Tim Bartley up the wall as a college student. Martin Roos profiles the researcher, who was Scholar in Residence at the MPIfG. Daniel Bax, editor for migration and integration at the taz, a newspaper out of Berlin, asks about the history behind the rise of populism in European countries. He was Journalist in Residence at the MPIfG in 2016. The newsletter Gesellschaftsforschung is available for free as a printed version and via email as a PDF file. Download PDF newsletter




10-year anniversary of the IMPRS-SPCE: Alumni conference at the MPIfG

The International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE) celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a conference on July 28-29, 2017, with around 50 participants in attendance at the MPIfG in Cologne. Former doctoral students presented their current research and discussed the results. The range of topics at the conference covered the broad spectrum of research topics and methodological approaches of the IMPRS-SPCE, whose projects examine economic phenomena from a social science and political science perspective. In his welcome address, Jens Beckert stressed the importance of the doctoral school for the MPIfG's development as an institute: "The IMPRS-SPCE not only made a considerable contribution to the internationalization of the Institute, but also, since the school was instituted, the number of young researchers has substantially increased." Today, the IMPRS-SPCE is an important starting point for establishing networks that are essential for one's future career - nearly 80 percent of IMPRS graduates have academic positions. The IMPRS-SPCE is a joint international PhD Program offered by the MPIfG and the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne. Download conference program




Doctorates at the IMPRS-SPCE in summer 2017

On Thursday, July 27, 2017, the MPIfG held a ceremony for this year's doctoral graduates from the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE). Four doctoral students received their doctorates in the 2016/2017 academic year: Ana Alfinito Vieira, who examined the question of how the collective mobilization of apparently weak actors contributes to institutional change; Inga Rademacher, who studied the justifications for tax cuts for higher income groups in the US and Germany; Virginia Kimey Pflücke, who performed a historical-sociological analysis of paid domestic work in Spain and Uruguay; and Jiska Gojowczyk, who investigated how religious groups integrate ecological commitments into their traditions. more on the research projects




Frederik Fuchs receives MPG Trainee Award

For his excellent achievements during his traineeship as Certified IT Specialist for System Integration, Frederik Fuchs received the Trainee Award of the Max Planck Society (MPG) in July 2017. With the Trainee Award, the MPG honors outstanding professional and academic achievements, personal development, and community involvement during the traineeship. The 750-euro award is given to up to 20 trainees at the Max Planck Society every year. Frederik Fuchs successfully passed his final examination at the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce and will stay in the IT group at the MPIfG through June 2019. The MPIfG has been offering vocational traineeships since 1999 in the fields of IT and office administration. more on traineeship at the MPIfG




MPIfG Report 2014-2016 now out

The new MPIfG Report offers readers insight into the research projects and activities at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies from 2014-2016. It reports on the development of the research program, the expansion of the doctoral program of the IMPRS-SPCE, scientific publications, and important awards as well as the new activities of the Institute in the area of alumni and public relations. The MPIfG Report seeks to inform the worldwide scientific community and professionals involved in research funding at the international level. It was also part of the report to the MPIfG Scientific Advisory Board, which met to evaluate the institute in spring 2017. To order a free copy of the Report, write to Download PDF



2017-08-03Alice O'Connor

Historical and social scientific perspectives on neoliberalism: Conference at the MPIfG

Around 30 researchers from Europe and the US got together in July 2017 for the conference "The Making of Neoliberalism: Historical and Social Science Perspectives." Ariane Leendertz and Timur Ergen from the MPIfG organized the historical-social scientific discussion. In their presentations, the participants discussed social change in Western societies, which is characterized by a shift from state-centered to market-centered governing principles, from collective to individual responsibility, and from civil society to economic determinism as the guiding force of social organization. The motivation for the conference is the observation that the concentration of research on the political-economic dimension of societal change has led to an incomplete historical description of neoliberalism. more




Ariane Leendertz reelected to MPG Senate

Ariane Leendertz, who has been the representative of the academic staff in the Max Planck Society’s (MPG) Human Science Section (GSHS) in the MPG Senate since 2014, has been reelected for a further two years. The central decision-making body of the MPG, the Senate elects the president of the MPG as well as its executive committee and decides who will be appointed as secretary general. Ariane Leendertz heads the MPIfG Research Group on the Economization of the Social and the History of Complexity.



Kimey Pflücke awarded doctorate

Kimey Pflücke was awarded her doctorate at the University of Cologne in July 2017. In her dissertation, she examines how the differences in national regulations on paid domestic work can be explained. From 2013 to 2017, Kimey Pflücke was a doctoral student at the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE) and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cologne.



"Behind the mirrors" - Young researchers conference of the Economic Sociology Section of the DGS

On June 1-2, the MPIfG welcomed members of the Economic Sociology Section of the DGS to the Institute. With the title "Behind the Mirrors: On the Meaning of the Demand Side for the Sociology of Markets," the conference took a critical look at the common understanding of the sociology of markets. Questions of how markets are established, how they work, and how they are maintained have, until now, mostly focused on the meaning of the supply side or the producer side, while the demand side is largely ignored. The conference shined new light on the wide-ranging roles that consumers play in modern markets. The participants, who numbered around 20, also discussed the ways in which economic sociology benefits by integrating the demand side and what the conceptual and methodological consequences are. MPIfG researcher Lisa Suckert organized the conference along with Sarah Lenz from Goethe University Frankfurt and Martin Bühler from the University of Lucerne.



Authors' workshop on the European Capital Markets Union at the MPIfG

"Governing through Financial Markets: The European Policy-Making State and Capital Markets Union" was the title of an authors' workshop held in June 2017 at the MPIfG. The goal of the workshop, which was organized by Benjamin Braun and Marina Hübner from the MPIfG and Daniela Gabor from the University of the West of England in Bristol, is to put out a special issue of the journal Competition and Change on the role of the European Capital Markets Union in coping with the euro crisis and the economic crisis. The five articles, in total, will address the question of why loan securitization and the shadow banking industry - formerly identified as the primary catalyst of the global financial crisis, but now an important element of the Capital Markets Union - became a cornerstone of the European growth and monetary reform agenda. The special issue is to appear at the end of 2018.



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