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19.11.2014Aleksandra Maatsch

New Postdocs and Visitors at the MPIfG in October 2014

Four postdoctoral fellows have begun work at the MPIfG: Chiara Benassi, from the London School of Economics, is investigating the factors determining precarious employment conditions; Benjamin Braun, previously of the GEM Erasmus Mundus PhD School, London, is examining the conditions for monetary policy governance; Torsten Kathke, formerly of the German Historical Institute, Washington DC, is engaged with the market for populist diagnoses of the present in Germany and the USA; Aleksandra Maatsch, previously at the University of Cambridge, is researching political economic governance of the EU in comparison to national parliaments.  
Wei Tu, a doctoral student at the Renmin University of China, Peking, is visiting the MPIfG until September 2015. He will work on his dissertation on institutional and collective patterns of conflict in labor relations in China.

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