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The Sociologist and Political Scientist Wolfgang Streeck Has Retired

Wolfgang Streeck, director at the MPIfG since 1995, retired on October 31, 2014. During two days of festivities in his honor in Cologne, the institute paid tribute to a researcher who has greatly influenced international discussions among social scientists on the tensions between democratic politics and capitalist economies. In the future, Streeck’s work will continue to inspire scholarly and public debate. The festivities began with a talk on societal governance today ("Gesellschaftssteuerung heute"), Wolfgang Streeck’s last lecture before retiring as director at the MPIfG, and continued at an academic colloquium on "Politics and Society in Dynamic Capitalism" at which some 100 researchers from Europe and the USA discussed issues emerging from Wolfgang Streeck’s research. The festivities concluded with some 180 invited guests gathering to celebrate a longtime director, colleague, and collaborative partner. more (in German)


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