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 MPIfG News Archive

12.06.2009Scientific Advisory Board 2008: Klaus Armingeon, Robert Boyer, Wyn Grant, Peter A. Hall, Torben Iversen, Herbert B. Kitschelt, Stephan Leibfried, Richard Münch, Manfred G. Schmidt, Richard Swedberg

New MPIfG Scientific Advisory Board

The MPIfG Scientific Advisory Board gained six new members in June 2009: Professors Nicole Biggart (University of California, Davis), Geoffrey M. Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire), Jonas Pontusson (Princeton University), David Stark (Columbia University), Philippe Steiner (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne) and Jörg Sydow (Free University Berlin).  
The terms of Board members Stephan Leibfried (University of Bremen), Richard Münch (University of Bamberg), Manfred G. Schmidt (University of Heidelberg) and Richard Swedberg (Cornell University) were renewed for another three years.  
The Scientific Advisory Board is appointed by the president of the Max Planck Society. Its members advise the directors on decisions concerning the research program and evaluate the institute’s research output.

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