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 MPIfG News Archive


Visiting Researchers in February and March 2009

John Carnwath will be doing research at the MPIfG from February to March as part of Northwestern University’s Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Theater and Drama.  
Stefan Kirchner of the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Hamburg will be a research fellow at the MPIfG from February to April. During his time in Cologne, Kirchner will be working on "Organizational Identities and Institutions: The Influence of Multilevel Path Dependence on Organizational Change and Stability."  
Nicolas Jabko from the Sciences Po in Paris will be a visiting researcher at the MPIfG from March to April. He is doing research on "The Social Construction of Strategy."  
Tereza Novotna from Boston University will be a visiting doctoral fellow at the MPIfG from March to May. She is investigating "Democratization through Common Polity Building: The Examples of German Unification and the Enlargement of the European Union."

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