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30.01.2009Lord Ralf Dahrendorf

Lord Ralf Dahrendorf to Receive 2009 Schader Prize

Lord Ralf Dahrendorf will receive the Schader Prize for 2009. With this year’s prize the Schader Foundation recognizes one of the most eminent German social scientists. Time and again, the Foundation explains, Ralf Dahrendorf has transcended the boundaries of academia, politics and journalism, contributing substantially to both scholarly and public debate through his precise analyses of the future of the labor society and the welfare state, liberalism, and European integration. Ralf Dahrendorf has been a visiting researcher at the MPIfG since 2008.  
The Schader Prize honors social scientists whose scholarly work and public involvement have provided valuable input toward solving social problems. Previous winners of the prize include Franz-Xaver Kaufmann, Fritz W. Scharpf and Renate Mayntz. The 15,000 euro Schader Prize is awarded annually by the Schader Foundation and is conferred in a ceremony in Darmstadt in May. Press information (in German)


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